COVID-19 – Important Information 

In times of Lock-down

Kids Matters is an essential service and will remain open for face to face appointments for most therapists in most lockdowns, for children who are able to follow directions.

Telehealth will be available for all other clients and for those who prefer Telehealth with Zoom or Teams child sessions, parent consults and coaching.

Reception services will operate remotely and invoices will be emailed to you or processed via credit card online.

If you are coming in to clinic we ask you to follow all of our Covid-19 safe guidelines.

We will send out texts and emails advising you of what we all need to do to stay safe.

In regular Covid Times

At Kids Matters OT, we are focused on the well-being of every person who steps through our clinic doors. This includes the health and safety of our local communities, our clients, and our team members.

We are beginning a gradual reopening of clinics as of 18th May 2020 for some clients, by prior agreement with their therapist. We want to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, are regularly updating our internal policy and processes according to any daily mandates and recommendations from the government and the Department of Health.

We are following best practice guidelines from the Department of Health for cleaning our clinic facilities, waiting areas and equipment.

Our Principles for being COVID Safe:

  • Hand sanitisers and hand-washing facilities are available to all our team members and patients within the clinic. We ask that all visitors to the clinic wash their hands before their session.
  • Clients and staff who are showing any signs or symptoms of illness must not attend the clinic.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5 m is required by adults and where possible with children. No more than 1 person per 4 m2. This means that:
    • Families must not congregate in the waiting room or the treatment rooms.  Please wait outside when you arrive & phone or use the buzzer (at Yeerongpilly) by the front door to advise that you have arrived. Your therapist will come and get you or phone you when ready to come in.
    • One parent with one child is allowed with each therapist. The therapist will keep the 1.5 m distance where possible and the parent is encouraged to facilitate the child.
    • Please do not bring siblings into sessions with your therapist. Babies are the exception to this rule. We understand that many parents will have additional children with them during the school holidays but request that you wait outside or in our allocated waiting areas with siblings for the duration of the session. 
    • Please consider Telehealth as an option if that’s easier than bringing all the kids! Your therapist does need some extra notice to prepare for Telehealth, but keep it in mind as a backup plan. 
    • Please note that we are unable to use lycra hammocks, body socks, soft toys and fabric cushions in therapy.
    • You can approach the reception desk to pay one at a time (social distancing markers in clinic at reception desk) or pay remotely via phone, Stripe payment or direct transfers.

Is my child suitable for socially distanced direct therapy in the clinic?

We are committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all our clients, their families, our staff and their families. For that reason, it is important as we slowly and thoughtfully re-open the clinics that we keep this key philosophy in mind. Not all children are able to socially distance from their therapists and follow hygiene recommendations as required and so will need to wait to return to the clinic.

Your child may be a candidate for early return to the clinic if:

  • They can respect the 1.5 metre distance rule – that means they cannot hug their therapist or get up close to, or breath on them.
  • They do not drool.
  • They do not mouth or chew on non food objects.
  • They are able to tolerate and comply with handwashing practices.
  • Can accept that they may not be able to use the gym equipment they prefer.


Please contact your therapist or any of the KM team if you would like to discuss this further.