COVID-19 – Important Information 

As per the public health and social government directives, please see below the Kids Matters Covid-19 Policy which will apply from Friday 17th December, 2021.  This will apply to all visitors to Kids Matters OT clinics. No child or young person or their parent, carer or guardian will be denied access to care or treatment based on their vaccination status.

We are following best practice guidelines from the Department of Health for cleaning our clinic facilities, waiting areas and equipment.


Visitor Restrictions to Paediatric Healthcare Settings

There will be visitor restrictions for unvaccinated people in vulnerable facilities including hospitals and healthcare facilities.

These restrictions will not apply to:

  • patients
  • vaccinated parents, carers or guardians

For unvaccinated children over 16 years and unvaccinated parents:

There will be some restrictions for unvaccinated parents, carers and guardians accompanying a child or young person to healthcare facilities. These include:

  • Only one unvaccinated parent, carer or guardian can accompany a child or young person to an appointment 
  • An accompanying unvaccinated parent, carer or guardian must wear a single-use surgical face mask and will be required to limit their movements to areas where they can safely physically distance from others.
  • If two unvaccinated parents/carers/guardians wish to attend a parent feedback session, your therapist may suggest a telehealth session via Zoom or Teams.

Regardless of Vaccination Status:

  • Please do not attend the clinic if you or your child have any symptoms such as cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat or fever or are awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test. Your therapist will not be able to go ahead with the session and a cancellation fee will apply if you present with symptoms. 
  • We request that you do not bring siblings to sessions.  For those who have no option but to do so, we will ask that you wait in the reception area with siblings whilst your child has their session. This is to reduce the number of people in treatment rooms and to keep the focus of the session on the child having treatment.
  • We will be limiting the number of people in the waiting areas and reception, so we ask that you let us know that you’ve arrived, and await instructions on where to wait.
  • You may request or your therapist may recommend Telehealth as a preferred option at any time.

Collection of contact information by business operators

A business operator must collect contact information, proof of vaccination or evidence of medical contraindication from all staff, guests and patrons when entering an establishment by using the Check In Qld app.  Kids Matters staff may ask to see your Check In status – we appreciate your co-operation to keep everyone safe.  

We appreciate your patience and diligence whilst we all navigate the ‘new normal’.

In times of Lock-down

Kids Matters is an essential service and will remain open for face to face appointments for most therapists in most lockdowns, for children who are able to follow directions.

Telehealth will be available for all other clients and for those who prefer Telehealth with Zoom or Teams child sessions, parent consults and coaching.

Reception services will operate remotely and invoices will be emailed to you or processed via credit card online.

If you are coming in to clinic we ask you to follow all of our Covid-19 safe guidelines.

We will send out texts and emails advising you of what we all need to do to stay safe.

Is my child suitable for socially distanced direct therapy in the clinic?

We are committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all our clients, their families, our staff and their families. For that reason, it is important as we slowly and thoughtfully re-open the clinics that we keep this key philosophy in mind. Not all children are able to socially distance from their therapists and follow hygiene recommendations as required and so will need to wait to return to the clinic.

Your child may be a candidate for early return to the clinic if:

  • They can respect the 1.5 metre distance rule – that means they cannot hug their therapist or get up close to, or breath on them.
  • They do not drool.
  • They do not mouth or chew on non food objects.
  • They are able to tolerate and comply with handwashing practices.
  • Can accept that they may not be able to use the gym equipment they prefer.

Please contact your therapist or any of the KM team if you would like to discuss this further.