Improve Writing Skills & Confidence

• Scared your child may not cope with Prep & the new curriculum?
• Concerned your child is not keeping up with the writing & fine motor demands of school?

Our writing groups may be just what you are looking for!

For little ones entering Prep, we are running ‘Get Ready To Write’ and for older children we are offering ‘Neater and Faster Writers’. These programs work not just on handwriting but the skills underlying successful handwriting.

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Your child will be assisted towards improving:

• Confidence with writing
• Muscle strength and endurance
• Sitting skills
• Posture
• Pencil grip
• Letter formation
• Mastering name and other basic letter patterns
• Preventing hand pain while writing (Neater & Faster)
• Writing at the right speed (Neater & Faster)

Facilitators: Kara Brown (OT) & Rebecca Webster (OT)

Each Program involves:

• 1 x 50 minute Writing Assessment,
• Term-time weekly group sessions,
• 1 x 50min Follow-up session, and
• All materials required for the program.

Parent education with strategies and guidance on how to develop appropriate writing skills is provided throughout.

We offer two types of group writing sessions – ‘Group Intensive’ or ‘Weekly Groups’

What are the benefits of an intensive group?

Intensives help to form good writing habits and overcome difficulties more quickly than a single weekly session. (Compare the effects of going to the gym 1x/ week compared to 3x/ week). It is generally accepted that it takes about 1 month to form good habits. The intensive nature of the program gives a chance to build these good habits while developing muscle control and skill. It forms an important step in overcoming handwriting difficulties, within a supportive group context. Intensives are recommended for the best outcomes, even if the child does limited practice at home.

How will a weekly group help?

Weekly groups are for those families who cannot commit to an intensive program. Children are expected to make slower but steady progress. Best results are obtained if the children do a home program along with the group session.


Grades 1-3 Holiday Intensive: 8:30 – 9:30 am, Wednesdays 14th/ 21st Jan, Fridays 16th/ 23rd Jan and Saturdays 17th/ 24th Jan, 2015

(must attend an assessment prior to securing a place)


If you are interested, contact Reception on 1300 136 596 or via email to [email protected]

Note: Children who do not work well in groups, (struggle with attention and following directions), can also be seen individually for an intensive.