What is Interactive Metronome?

The Interactive Metronome is a brain-based program developed to directly improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning, and sequencing. This in turn may strengthen motor skills, and many fundamental cognitive capacities such as planning, organising, and language.

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Clinical research has shown improvements in:

• attention and concentration
• language processing
• behaviour (aggression and impulsivity)
• fine/gross motor skills
• balance and coordination
• strength and endurance

How does it work?

The Interactive Metronome provides a structured, goal-oriented training process that challenges the participant to precisely match a computer generated beat. The participant is instructed to synchronise various movement to this beat which is heard through headphones. The difference in time between the participant’s performance and the computer generated beat are measured in milliseconds and scores are provided to indicate timing accuracy.

Interactive Metronome at Kids Matters OT

Half hour sessions are booked in at the clinic twice weekly for an initial period.

Facilitator: Cameron Griffiths (OT)

What our Interactive Metronome Coach Cameron has found:

• Improvements in sports involving eye-hand and eye-foot coordination (eg. tennis)
• Improvements in body organisation during most physical activities
• Improvements in sustained attention and concentration
• Increased monitoring and adjustment of own attention skills (eg. redirecting self) and physical performance (eg. force control)

Click here for more information can be found on the Interactive Metronome website.

To access Interactive Metronome, call our admin team on 07 3392 6133 to make an appointment with Cameron Griffiths. He will assess your child to determine suitability for the program. This is done in a clinic session as a paid Occupational Therapy appointment.