Step 1:
Ring 07 3392 6133 to make an appointment.

Step 2:
The admin person will do their best to get you into the most appropriate therapist for your child. You will be emailed with a link to a parent questionnaire to get further information. This will help your therapist be prepared for your session..

Step 3:
You come to your appointment 15 minutes early bringing relevant documents if you have them – e.g. school or medical reports, handwriting or drawing samples. This allows the admin team to organize the right documents.

Step 4:
The therapist sees you and your child and will discuss with you the recommendations for assessment and treatment.

Note: We  take great care to match your child with the right therapist. However, sometimes you may feel that you or your child do not get with the therapist. In this case, we will happily help you to change to a different therapist.

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