Seeking Receptionist & People Person for Aspley

Are you looking for a new challenge and do you love helping people?

Our receptionists are an integral part of our team and are highly valued by everyone on staff including therapists and managers.

Our Aspley team is fun loving, supportive and flexible while working hard in an organised way to meet our clients needs. 

In this position, you manage all of the administration needs of the clients and therapists, including taking new bookings, sending out and following up new client paperwork, welcoming clients to the practice, taking payments, selling equipment, making the shop beautiful and making the reception area welcoming. There are other backend jobs such as archiving, maintaining spreadsheet registers and special projects assigned according to your interests and skills.

It is your job to help support the clients and therapists and to keep the place running well, so clients can get the help they need. You have the full support of the practice manager and the receptionists at the other clinics.

Once you are established in the role, there are also opportunities to use your talents in ways that develop the practice.

If you wish to apply, please:

  • Answer the following questions 
    • Why have you applied for this position?
    • What are the most important factors in giving good customer service? Give examples of how you have done that.
    • How have you managed yourself in a situation with many competing demands? For example, a client in front of you, the phone ringing and an important task to complete. Give an example.
  • Email your answers with your CV and a cover letter to our OT Principal at [email protected]

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