Understanding and Managing Emotions in Primary School Children with Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder now affects 1 in 100 Australian children. Many of these children struggle to manage their emotions, develop and maintain friendships, and engage at school. Many also have unique skills and abilities which set them apart from their peers and, if understood and embraced, can create endless possibilities later in life.

This workshop aims to help caregivers understand their child’s unique profile, create strategies to manage challenging behaviours and meltdowns, and foster their child’s unique abilities for lifelong learning.

It covers areas such as:

  • Emotional control
  • Sensory sensitivity
  • Social understanding and behaviour
  • Learning differences
  • Anxiety

Strategies for home and school will be covered, along with a brief look at professional treatment techniques.

Note: This workshop is designed for caregivers and teachers of children aged 5-12 years with high-functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

Workshop Details:


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