Functional Positive Behaviour Management for the Real World: Connecting the Dots

Parents, Carers and Teachers; Do you want to better understand your child’s behaviour?

This workshop will provide you with:

  • Tools needed to consider the ‘communication’ behind a child’s behaviour

  • Strategies for regulating your child across the day

  • Strategies for managing those challenging moments

After attending you will have the ability to develop a practical plan for managing an identified behaviour.

You will also learn tools to assist you in using this framework to work with other behaviours that your child currently shows or that may arise in the future.

This hands-on workshop has been developed for parents, carers and teachers of children across all age groups who are demonstrating behaviours that impact on their relationships, learning and well being.

Presented by Jenni Machin (Senior OT)

Jenni Machin has been working in paediatric practice for over 35 years with children who have ASD, learning and language disorders, Global Developmental Delay, as well as a range of physical, intellectual and psychological disabilities and conditions.  She is passionate about behavior management and shares her knowledge in an easy-to-understand and engaging way. 

Seminar Details: