Attention Parents, Teachers and Professionals:

Is your child struggling with learning or not achieving although he or she seems smart?

It can be so frustrating & exhausting living with children with executive function difficulties.

  • They might not look before they leap.

  • They can be sensitive to criticism and stubborn in their approach to problems.

  • They can be emotional, distractable and daydreamers to whom you have to repeat yourself to until your voice is hoarse!

  • They can take more nudging than most to get started, forget what they are doing and leave messes trailing behind them.

  • They can be quietly failing to achieve at school, even though everyone believes they can do better.


Executive function consists of several complex reasoning skills that work together to help our brains organise and act on information. Learn the underlying causes for kids who struggle to learn and take away strategies to help.


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Julia Eggles is an experienced speaker with extensive training and experience in executive function, learning difficulties and sensory processing theory and practice both within and outside the school environment.

“I love working with these kids – there’s so much that can be done to help them and it’s wonderful to see them blossom in skill and confidence.”

Hope to see you there!

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Julia Eggles (Senior OT)


Spaces are limited so get in early.

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