Attention Parents, Carers and Teachers

PLAYING TO THRIVE – Unlocking children’s potential through pretend play

Did you know that pretend play is essential for a child to be able to:

  • entertain themselves without others,

  • entertain themselves without a screen,

  • manage anxiety,

  • keep friends,

  • succeed at school work?

Learning and growing through play is one of our children’s primary occupations. For most children the emergence and engagement in play is a natural and effortless part of their development, but for some, learning to play with others, by themselves, or engaging in imaginary and investigative play is more challenging. These children will often benefit from some guidance and practice to journey through the different stages of play and thereby develop the associated skills and competencies which will provide the scaffolding for the development of good social skills, problem solving and reasoning abilities, cooperation and communication, as well as sensory motor skills throughout their childhood.

About the Workshop:

In this interactive workshop, the focus will be on equipping you with knowledge and skills that will help you to play with joy and purpose with your children. We will look at the different developmental stages of play and how each stage relates to essential skill development as well as give guidance around how to foster social and independent developmentally appropriate play.

Presented by Michelle Cloete (Senior OT)

Michelle is a fun & practical speaker with extensive training & experience in enhancing development through play.

Seminar Details:

Date & Time: TBC

Venue: TBC

Cost: $85 +GST

We do not currently have a planned date for this seminar. Please express your interest by emailing [email protected]