Are you a new grad looking to gain knowledge from an experienced Occupational Therapist?

Vivienne Williams, Kids Matters founder, principal and senior OT has been working in paediatrics since graduating from the University of Queensland in 1997.

In this seminar you will…

  • Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of sensory processing theory and how this relates to anxiety.
  • Learn strategies that you can implement for improved attention, calmness, cooperation and behaviour.
  • Hear about real life case studies that bring the theory and strategies to life.
  • Get the opportunity to ask Vivienne any questions you may have.
  • Receive a certificate of achievement, which could be a credit to you in future job applications.

Seminar Details

Currently no seminars scheduled.

Please feel free to call 3392 6133 or email us to express your interest. 

Vivienne Williams (Principal OT) has been working for over 20 years with children who have sensory processing challenges, anxiety and developmental delays of every kind. She shares her extensive knowledge and practical experience in an engaging way.

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