Services Offered

• Assessment
• Home or school Programming
• Therapy sessions in the clinic – 50 minute sessions
• Home visiting
• School visiting
• Parent education
• Teacher education
• Educational presentations to schools
• Services are open to all ages from 0-adult

Types of Treatment Interventions

Client and family Centred Occupational Therapy Interventions based on following models or programs:

  • DIR/ Floortime based treatments – for facilitating all levels of development
  • Interventions to improve sensory processing including Sensory Integration based clinic treatment, How does your Engine Run (Alert Program), Wilbarger therapressure protocol, Therapeutic Listening, Vestibular rehabilitation/ Astronaut Program
  • Interventions to improve motor control including neurodevelopmental treatments and praxis treatment
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training – for improved working memory and attentions
  • Functional Skills training – self cares, toileting, handwriting etc.

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