[1] Your child has a diagnosed condition such as Sensory Integration disorder/ Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism/ Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties, Attention Deficit Disorder, Developmental Delays. Prematurity or Birth Trauma, Motor Delays or any other Develomental Issue or Condition.

[2] Your child shows a number of the following issues and is not achieving their expected milestones.

Does your child?

• Show a lack of interest in learning activities including puzzles, letters and numbers
• Show a lack in movement or fine motor skills
• Have difficulty keeping still
• Seem unable to keep hands to self (always touching people or things)
• Tire and gets floppy
• Flit between activities/ lack persistence
• Seem clumsy or awkward
• Seem over-sensitive to noise, touch or movement
• Have difficulty with balance or coordination
• Seem excessively fearful and cautious
• Show obsessiveness and narrow interests
• Have a limited range of play skills
• Struggle with memory or paying attention
• Seem overly messy and disorganised
• Avoid or struggle with drawing or writing tasks
• Have varied performance — some days good and others poor
• Handwriting issues – forming the letters
• Writing issues related to having ideas, planning, categorizing and sequencing ideas so that it makes sense
• Seem anxious or have low self-confidence?
• Seem aggressive for no apparent reason?
• Have difficulty with feeding or toileting?
• Have difficulty with sleep?
• Not seem to be achieving to his/her potential?
• Have suspected food intolerances / allergies or digestive issues?
• Have special needs or a disability?
• Are you as parents struggling to cope with behaviour
• Do you or your partner have any of these issues.

We DO NOT recommend “waiting to see if the child will grow out of it” as they often don’t.