Desi Theodosiou



Desi is a playful young therapist with an innate passion and flair for connecting with children of all ages. Having grown up in a big Greek family, Desi has a very family-centred attitude towards life and therapy. She enjoys working closely with children and their support systems (for example, their teachers, siblings, and parent/s) to help them reach their full potential. Desi strongly believes that all achievements, big and small, have the potential to impact the life of a child (and their support system) enormously.

Desi graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours.

Experience with Children’s Issues

For the last several years Desi has engaged with children as a carer, support worker, babysitter and support teacher in various voluntary and paid roles. Desi has experience working in schools, child and youth mental health services, the University of Queensland’s Life Skills Clinic, and privately with families in their homes. She has worked alongside teachers, physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors, social workers, and most importantly, families. Desi places a strong focus on collaborating with children and their support systems to enable clients to reach their full potential.

Desi has experience working with children with:

  • handwriting difficulties
  • sensory processing issues
  • self-regulation difficulties & behavioural challenges
  • level I Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & Rett Syndrome (coordination and language difficulties and repetitive movements)
  • mental health challenges.

What approach does she take?

Desi believes that building strong therapeutic relationships with her clients and their families is foundational to positive therapy outcomes. She strives to connect with her young clients by incorporating their interests into sessions and using a developmentally appropriate play-based approach in therapy. Furthermore, she places significant importance on working alongside families to identify their concerns and priorities and address the child’s needs in the content of the family unit.  Desi has a fun and engaging demeanour and tailors her methods to align with the needs, wants and goals of each child and their family.

Training & Support

Desi is directly and closely supervised by senior therapists and has the support of all the other more experienced staff.

Why choose Desi and is she the right therapist for you?

Desi has well developed inter-personal skills and is passionate about collaborating with children and their families to develop session plans that are tailored to the priorities and values of each family. Desi exhibits the most recent and up-to-date knowledge around Occupational Therapy practices and processes being a newly graduated Occupational Therapist.  

What happens if your therapist is not the best fit for you (or they don’t feel best equipped to help you)?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts you or the therapist may find that you are not a good fit. If your therapist feels that she is not best suited to you, she will discuss this with you and recommend a more appropriate therapist. We will then offer you a discounted first session with a new more appropriate therapist at Kids Matters.

If you feel that your therapist is not a good fit within the first three sessions, simply discuss this with our admin team who will find a more suitable therapist.