Julia Eggles


Who is Julia and how much experience does she have?

Julia graduated from the University of Queensland in 1982, and received her Honours degree the following year. She has been working with children ever since. Julia has been part of the Kids Matters Team since 2009 and works at our Aspley.

Julia has a special interest in working with childhood learning difficulties. From niggling doubts concerning classroom performance, to sensory processing and executive function issues, ADHD and ADD, Julia works closely with families to help children who are uncomfortable in their own skins to overcome struggles with accomplishing daily tasks and establishing fulfilling relationships.

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Experience with Children’s Issues

Julia has worked as a home visiting therapist, in schools, hospitals and community settings, with children from birth to adolescence. Conditions and problems that she has experience with include the following:

• Developmental delay, orthopaedic conditions, degenerative conditions, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autism, feeding problems/failure to thrive, post-traumatic head injuries, specific learning difficulties (reading, writing), ADD & ADHD, vision and hearing impairments, chromosomal abnormalities, Fragile X, various congenital disorders

Julia is one of the few occupational therapists qualified to provide Cogmed Working Memory Training —an evidence based computerized training program that remediates working memory and attention.

Additional Training & Certifications

With a long career has come many professional development opportunities. Some of these include:

  • Clinical Assessment and Practical Intervention for Praxis: From Ideation to Execution by Dr. Teresa A. May-Benson
  • ACT: Active Commitment Therapy
  • CBT Fundamentals: Processes and Techniques in Cognitive Behavour Therapy,
  • Cogmed Professional Training
  • DIR Floortime Basic Course
  • Understanding Visual Perceptual Skills in Children, with Dr Chris Chapparo
  • Therapeutic Listening, New Jersey USA
  • Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention, Authorized Provider training, Philadelphia USA
  • Sensory Integration & Beyond: Power Tools for Treating Children, Professional Development Programs, Massachusetts USA
  • Touchpoints, Youth Consultation Service, Institute for Training in Infant and Preschool Mental Health, New Jersey USA
  • Pediatric Early Intervention Treatment, Hampton Cares, New Jersey USA
  • Mental Health Issues in Children, New Jersey USA
  • Preverbal Experience, New Jersey USA
  • The Listening Program, Advanced Brain Technologies, Chicago Illinois USA

What approach does she take?

Julia looks beyond diagnosis of symptoms, digging to discover a child’s functional difficulties. She works with families on their child’s approach to planning to help enhance self-confidence, which often leads to growth in maturity, improved academic performance, particularly reading and writing.

In addition to Cogmed, Julia employs a range of cognitive, behavioural and sensory strategies in her therapy. Parent education and coaching are key to her therapy style. She has a background in behaviour management and although gentle and very playful can have a firm style at times when needed.

Is Julia Right For You?

While she has experience with a wide variety of clients, Julia now works mostly with children from birth to 12 years of age with attention, learning, co-ordination and learning issues. She also enjoys working on helping children with sensory based sleep difficulties.

As a Cogmed coach, Julia enjoys working with children and adolescents with working memory and attention problems.On a case by case basis, she may consider working with adults seeking working memory training.

Julia is a strong believer in the use of play based learning – particularly in the early childhood years (0-8 years). Therapy sessions are a partnership between therapist, child and parent where the lead of the session can move from adult to child lead, depending on the stage of therapy. Julia recommends children with severe developmental disabilities seek therapy with therapists who specialise in this area. Julia does not see children with oppositional defiant disorder or primary moderate to severe mental health problems.

What happens if you don’t like your therapist (or they don’t feel best equipped to help you)?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts you or the therapist may find that you are not a good fit. If your therapist feels that he or she is not best suited to you, he/ she will discuss this with you and recommend a more appropriate therapist. We will then offer you a discounted first session with a new more appropriate therapist at Kids Matters.

If you feel that your therapist is not a good fit within the first three sessions, simply discuss this with our admin team who will find a more suitable therapist. We will then offer you 50% off your first consultation with the new therapist.

Julia’s Case Studies

• 7 year old girl with working memory problem.

• 7 year old boy with reading and writing difficulties.

• 9 year old girl with ADHD & learning problems.

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