Ellie Theiss

Jasmine Weiss

Anna Satharasinghe

Siya Dhuri

Siya Dhuri Who is Siya and How Much Experience Does She Have? Siya is a friendly and engaging therapist who seeks to empower and build collaborative partnerships with her clients. She is passionate about supporting families and their strengths, so they are better equipped to address their needs by accessing, participating and engaging in the occupations […]

Desi Theodosiou

DESI THEODOSIOU Desi is a playful young therapist with an innate passion and flair for connecting with children of all ages. Having grown up in a big Greek family, Desi has a very family-centred attitude towards life and therapy. She enjoys working closely with children and their support systems (for example, their teachers, siblings, and […]

Natasha Chelan

Natasha is an enthusiastic and caring therapist who has a passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their families, by supporting them to achieve their goals. She is playful, yet professional in her approach, and believes in drawing upon a child’s strength and capabilities to support their participation in daily […]

Chloe Barr

Amelia Greenway

Sarah De Jager

Monica Zuniga Marin

MONICA ZUNIGA MARIN Who is Monica and how much experience does she have? Monica is a warm occupational therapist with a passion for working with children and families. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Colombia (Universidad del Valle) in 2004. Early in her career Monica developed a love for paediatrics. She particularly loves working with […]