Therapist Selector Guide

Unsure who you want to see your child? We understand. Choosing a therapist is an important decision. To make it easier for you, we have developed this handy selector guide – please check by age, diagnosis &/or the problems you are concerned about, to find our recommended therapist for you and your child.

Please note that this is only a guide and is subject to therapist availability.                       

Please call our admin team on 1300 136 596 to discuss further and make an appointment.

Age Group

Infants & Toddlers (0-3 years) –

– Cameron, Julia, Medha, Michelle

Early Childhood (4-7 years) –

– Cameron, Julia, Kara, Medha, Megan, Vivienne, Michelle

Late childhood (8-12 years) –

–  Julia,  Kara, Megan, Vivienne, Michelle

Adolescents (13-17 years) –

– Megan, Vivienne, Michelle

Adults (18+ years) –

– Vivienne, Michelle



– Julia, Medha,  Megan, Vivienne, Michelle

Autism/ASD –

– Cameron,  Medha, Melissa, Vivienne, Kara, Michelle

Asperger’s Syndrome –

– Cameron,  Julia, Medha, Vivienne, Michelle

Cerebral Palsy/Brain Injury –

–  Medha, Kellie, Melissa

Down Syndrome (and other syndromes) –

–  Medha, Kellie, Melissa

Hearing Impairment –

– Medha

Intellectual Impairment –

– Medha, Megan

Mental Health (Anxiety; OCD; Depression) –

– Medha, Michelle, Vivienne 

Sensory Processing Difficulties –

– Cameron, Julia, Kara, Medha, Michelle, Vivienne {/expand}

Specific Learning Difficulties (Reading; Dyslexia; Memory) – – Julia, Medha, Megan, Vivienne

Visual Impairment –

–  Medha

Referral Issues

Behaviour (Tantrums/Violent)

–  Medha, Megan, Melissa, Vivienne, Michelle

Co-ordination & Movement Difficulties –

– Cameron, Julia, Kara, Medha, Vivienne, Michelle

Feeding Difficulties –

–   Medha, Vivienne, Michelle

Handwriting –

–  Julia,  Kara, Medha, Megan, Vivienne

Sleep Difficulties –   

–  Julia

Toileting Difficulties –   

– Rebecca, Medha

Specialty Interventions

Interactive Metronome –


Cogmed –

–  Julia

DIR/Floortime Provider –

– Cameron

Mental Health Care Provider (FPS) –

– Cameron, Julia, Kara, Medha, Megan, Vivienne