3 year old child learning to use toilet

Therapist: Jasmine Weiss

3 year old child learning to use toilet

Refused to go near toilet at home.

Intelligent young child with good engagement in pretend play.

Stressed on normal sized toilet partially due to underlying gravitational insecurity (feeling insecure when feet are off the ground). Required more concrete understanding of toileting routine.

  • Simple toileting visuals
  • Visual timer for sitting on the toilet – choice provided
  • Development of a consistent routine with toileting
  • Practice of toileting routine through pretend play (toys sitting on a cardboard toilet)
  • Use of equipment e.g. step to toilet and child toilet seat to increase postural security
  • Celebrating altogether when successful with sitting on the toilet

Specific work on gravitational insecurity

Now consistently noticing and doing wees and poos on normal sized toilet in all environments. Developed a really good understanding of the toileting routine. Progress and outcomes occurred over a 4-month period (this was due to regression when unwell).