GP Mental Health Plan

The GP Mental Health Care Plan is a part of the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. Medicare rebates allow patients to receive up to 10 services per calendar year. This is usually provided in two sets of services (with a maximum of 6 per set), with a review by the referring doctor after each set. Rebates under this plan are only available for Occupational Therapy or Psychology sessions where the child is present.

To be able to claim under this plan, your therapist needs to have Mental Health approval. While most of our therapists have Mental Health approval, not all qualify. If you have this plan or think that you will be getting it, please get in touch with us to ensure that your therapist meets the requirements for you to be able to claim.

Rebates may be available for our clients with “Sensory Processing Disorder” (SPD) related to the resultant anxiety, struggle coping with school, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, other behavioural issues, anger management, attention, sleep and self-esteem issues. Young children with SPD are also often eligible for this, as they are “at risk” for major issues in the future. This needs to be discussed with your GP.

Who can refer?
Referrals must be made by a GP.

Your occupational therapist or psychologist will report back to the referring doctor after each block of sessions (usually after the sixth session and then again after the 10th).

More information
See the Department of Health website.  Click Here