Chronic Disease Management (Enhanced Primary Care)

Rebates under this plan are available for both Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology services as long as the child is present. Note that it only covers a portion of the therapy cost.

This plan is available for those with a chronic condition, a medical condition that is ongoing for at least six months. The client must need at least two Allied Health professionals to be eligible for this plan. Children with learning difficulties and motor or developmental delays are often eligible here if they meet the criteria. Medicare rebates are for up to five (5) eligible sessions per calendar year. The sessions can be made up of five of one types of service (e.g. OT) or a combination of different types of service (e.g. 1 dietician, 1 speech pathologist and 3 OT sessions).

Who can refer?
Referrals can only be made by a GP.

Your therapist will report back to the referring doctor after the initial session and after the final session.

More information
See the Services Australia website. Click here