last updated Jan 2022

Our Fees per 50 minute session – Private, Medicare and 3rd Party fees

Please note – the below prices apply to both face to face and Telehealth therapy sessions and assessments. 

Initial Consultation
Principal OT – $316.50
Experienced OTs – $290.99

This includes:

  • 50 min consultation + 10 mins clinical note taking 
  • 30 minutes clinical analysis & non contact assessment tasks 

N.B.  Full assessments are conducted over 3 sessions and comprehensive reporting costs are additional.

Subsequent Assessment & Treatment Sessions
Principal OT – $211
Experienced OTs – $193.99

Reporting costs
Principal OT – $211/ hour
Experienced OTs – $193.99/ hour

Home and School Visits
Principal OT – $211/ 50 minutes + travel costs charged at $105.50/ hour
Experienced OTs -$193.99/ 50 minutes + travel costs charged at $97.00/ hour

Additional reporting charges apply.

What you get

  • outcomes for your child
  • a therapist for your child who works within the context of your family and any school/ daycare.
  • facilities that are best matched for your child whether that be a small, quiet office or a sensory gym (or anything in between).
  • the opportunity to work with a therapist who has developed a strong special interest and skills in working with the type of challenges your child is facing.
  • A friendly and professional administration team who can take care of all your booking needs.

Our therapists

Our therapist have extensive training and experience which means we see the big picture around your child and family and can identify key areas needing to be addressed. This means that your child gets better outcomes, more quickly. Their warmth, expertise, sense of fun and ability to connect with your child gives everyone hope and direction.

Our younger OTs (1-4 years experience) are talented professionals who get supervision and support to accelerate their skill development. Their bond with you and your child, experience coupled with the support they receive from the older therapists means your child has great fun while meeting his or her goals.

Our resources are among the best in Brisbane and each clinic has extensive sensory integration, executive function and other developmental resources so you get the best outcomes in a fun way.

All of our therapists get great outcomes with kids and families.

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