What is Our Graduate Program?

Accelerate your learning through our graduate program designed to train you in the application of key paediatric OT theories and knowledge so you can confidently do quality OT with kids and families.

Be supported with weekly supervision, group mentoring and customised training in sensory processing, behaviour management, executive functioning, play, and more – valued at over $31 685 in addition to your wage. In addition, we allow plenty of time for informal collaboration and learning.

We commenced our new graduate program in 2018 and have supported the development of many early career occupational therapists since that time.
Our program supports you through an induction process; allowing for work shadowing, individual mentoring, training, and a gradual phase in of clients. KPIs are gradually increased but always manageable so you complete your work at work.

We give you flexibility and choice to suit your personal life and work goals, offering a range of service delivery options including:

  • Face to face (in clinic)
  • Telehealth rural and remote
  • Kindy and home visiting

A New Graduate's Story

Commenced new graduate program: 2019

Why choose to work in a private practice?
Flexibility in her work schedule.
Feels very close to her team – “We are like a family! It’s a different feel from working for a larger company.”

What was the recruitment process like?
Regular and helpful communication throughout the process.
Met for an interview with the owner and one other senior therapist who asked about her experiences so far, her passions and why she felt she would be a good fit to work for their clinic.
Received all relevant documentation via email, even though at first was quite lengthy, the process ended up being quite seamless.

What was the induction process like?
1.5weeks for induction and work shadowing before starting to gradually see clients who had been specifically selected for Sarah, her expertise and interest areas.

What is her caseload like now?
Now seeing up to 5 clients a day from age range of 3-14 years old, with a range of diagnosed and un-diagnosed difficulties e.g learning difficulties, developmental delay, ADHD, ASD, Sensory processing difficulties etc.
Gradual build of her caseload was a collaboration between Sarah, the admin team and her mentors to ensure clients were the just right fit/challenge for her.

How has the mentoring and professional development process been?
“Very supportive.” So far Sarah has had over 30 hours of small group and individual mentoring & professional development from a range of senior therapists on a range of topics, for example, Sensory Processing, Visual Support, Complex Behaviour Management, Equipment, Executive Function, ASD and Play.
“This intensive in-house training has helped me apply current and evidence-based knowledge to each of my clients to ensure I am providing best practice. In a group setting, this has also provided a rare opportunity to share knowledge and ideas in a safe/trusting space.”

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