Kids Matters OTs aim to use the best evidence available to us for our interventions. However, as with most allied health therapies, our interventions lack the rigorous research to ensure they are fully “evidence-based”.


There are three levels of Evidence accepted in Evidence Based Practice:

1) Therapist clinical experience and expertise

2) Published research of a high level of reliability and validity

3) Experience of the client.

Kids Matters OT has high levels of clinical expertise by the therapists and a high rate of satisfaction and achieving set goals with families. Regarding published research, our interventions tend to be evidence-backed, which means they are based on theories that have been devised by drawing on the research from many disciplines including doctors, psychologists, exercise physiologists, ear nose and throat specialists, massage therapists as well as occupational therapists.

In addition, Kids Matters OTs have the attitude that we are contributing to the body of research and aim to set realistic and achievable goals with our clients and observe how our interventions support the achievement of these goals. Therefore, each and every client is contributing to our “evidence base”.