Parenting Support

When your child has special needs, you are not alone. At Kids Matters, we believe that every family should be able to enjoy the journey of life with their special needs child. Your child is not a burden or a problem; they are individual with unique strengths and abilities.

Our mission is to help children and families overcome difficulties by providing assessment, training, and support services to improve developmental foundations and skills. Our goal is to help you enjoy life’s journey with your special needs child regardless of the obstacles in front of you.

How We Assist Children & Support Parents

Our services include:

  • Assessment – Identify underlying causes for difficulties
  • Educate – Help child, parents and teachers understand the reasons for difficulties
  • Set goals – Set achievable goals with families
  • Provide therapy – To improve both developmental foundations and skills
  • Training – Provide training in strategies to overcome difficulties

Assessment Process

The assessment process will vary according to the needs of each child. Most people have two assessment sessions where we hear your concerns and then complete a variety of formal and informal tests and observations. We then generally analyze the results and report our findings back to you in a Feedback session. Here, goals will be set in collaboration with you and treatment recommendations will be made in accordance with these.

How to Get Started

  1. Ring 07 3392 6133 if you have questions. Our friendly receptionists will do their best to help.
  2. For appointments, you will be directed to complete our new client enquiry form.
  3. Our receptionists will match your child with the best suited therapist and will contact you when appointments are available.