Occupational Therapy at your child's home, kindy, or school

What is Mobile Occupational Therapy?

Kids Matters OT provides mobile Occupational Therapy Services to children within Brisbane. Our mobile services allow our experienced therapist to travel to your child’s home or kindy, to provide therapy within this environment. In conjunction with you and your child’s educator, we can work on many sensory, motor, learning, developmental and behavioural needs, to help your child be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Where do we service?

We have clinics at Greenslopes, Yeerongpilly and Aspley and service these areas and their surrounds within a 30 minute radius.

What can we help with?

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills   
  • Prep readiness  
  • Sensory Processing   
  • Attention   
  • Following instructions   
  • Social Skills   
  • Toileting   
  • Eating / mealtime routines  
  • Emotions and behaviour  
  • Any other developmental skills  

Why choose mobile OT?

  • OT can work through concerns in a real time/place setting   
  • The OT uses resources from home/kindy that your child is already comfortable with   
  • Your OT can work closely with you and your child’s educator to reach goals   
  • You do not need to be present at Kindy therapy sessions which can be great for busy working families. (Please note initial consultations must be conducted at home or in our clinics, and a parent/guardian must be present for the duration of all home visits) 

Examples of concerns covered in home visits: morning routines, toileting, sleep and emotional regulation   

Examples of concerns covered in kindy visits: fine & gross motor skills, social skills, sensory processing and prep readiness   

How do I get follow through at home if I am not attending the sessions?

  • Your therapist will send you an email after each mobile OT session with a summary of what was focused on and home strategies until your child’s next session.  
  • We love engaging with parents throughout the therapy journey and will schedule regular parent sessions via phone. This is a great way to continue to be involved, without the demand of rescheduling other commitments.  
  • Your mobile therapist can arrange in-clinic sessions to continue that face-to-face experience with you, whenever it suits.   


Mobile Therapy at School?

We may be able to provide therapy at your child’s school, where we can address challenges with focus & attention, executive function, handwriting and even sensory processing. We also work with teachers to better understand your child’s needs so that they can thrive at school.  


 *Please note – School visits are at the discretion of the principal and are conditioned around strict guidelines. Please seek prior approval from your principal if hoping to engage in school OT.  Speak to our lovely administration team for further clarification.   



If you are interested in Mobile Occupational Therapy for you child please enquire below.