Executive Function Learning Modules


Is your child struggling with learning or coping with the normal demands of daily life – even though they seem smart?

It could be that they are experiencing executive function difficulties. It can be so frustrating and exhausting living with children who have executive function difficulties as they might:

  • not look before they leap
  • be sensitive to criticism and stubborn in their approach to problems
  • be emotional, distractible and daydreamers to the point you have to repeat yourself
  • need many reminders and support to get started on tasks and complete them
  • forget what they are doing
  • leaves messes for others to clean up
  • struggle to achieve at school, even though it seems they can do better
  • have messy handwriting with lots of mistakes
  • be poor at “reading the room” and have trouble with managing relationships
  • have a low frustration tolerance


If you have or care for a child with executive function difficulties, it can be overwhelming to know where to start with intervention or to know what to do next.


The Executive Function pre-recorded webinar is made of 6 units which total 1 hour and 16 minutes of content. This self-paced program is designed to:

  • provide you with a framework, or “map” of how to approach and navigate intervention for your child regardless of how their executive function difficulties present
  • increase your understanding of executive function and how it applies to your child
  • introduce strategies for intervention, some of which you can put into effect immediately


Meet your Presenter

Julia Eggles, Senior Occupational Therapist

Julia is an experienced speaker with extensive training and knowledge in executive function, learning difficulties, and sensory processing theory. She practices these skills, along with many others, both within and outside the school environment.

Who is it for?

  • Parents and carers
  • Teachers, teacher aids, and educators
  • Health professionals

What's Included?

  • One introductory video and six units (1 hour 16 minutes of content)
  • Handouts & external links


Cost: $99
Platform: Online – content sent via email after purchase
Accessibility: Modules are password locked and only viewable for a limited period of time. It is recommended that all videos and handouts are downloaded, in case you would like to rewatch at a future date.



Do you have NDIS funding?

If you are NDIS self-managed or third-party managed, and parent education is included in your child’s plan, you can use NDIS funding to access these modules.



*Cancellations – Unfortunately once modules are purchased and content is sent, a refund cannot be issued.