CoordiKids helps children who are facing sensory motor, fine and gross motor skill challenges access world class, fun and affordable occupational therapy exercises and activities from their preferred place of learning.



CoordiKids Child Development Programs is an innovative online series of 180 clinically acclaimed occupational therapy exercises over 8 important developmental levels for children between the ages of 4 and 17. These exercises are divided into small portions to be completed in about 15 minutes per day and can be accessed from the comfort of home or classroom setting.

CoordiKids works to improve the foundations of sensory motor development. Children who have completed CoordiKids have reported improvement in:

  • handwriting
  • coordination
  • physical education and sport
  • concentration and attention
  • organization and planning
  • following instructions
  • fidgeting
  • clumsiness.

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There are four programs withing Coordikids:

  1. CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs: encourages optimal development of sensory motor skills in the child aged 4-12 years
  2. CoordiKindy – Develop Sensory Motor Skills: therapeutic exercises to be done with the whole class in the kindy or prep classroom
  3. CoordiClass – Focus and Attention in class: therapeutic movement breaks in the classroom from Kindergarten to Year 12.
  4. CoordiConsult – Professional Support for Busy Parents: Personalised support matched to your child’s needs. Advice and therapy intervention via Skype or Telephone.

To access any of the CoordiKids programs, please speak to your Occupational Therapist in session, to see if it is appropriate for you and your child.