4 year old boy in the process of being diagnosed with autism

Therapist: Vivienne Williams

4 year old boy in the process of being diagnosed with autism

Boy in the process of being diagnosed with Autism. He was very withdrawn and in his own world 80% of the time, not interacting with peers or family.

4 year old boy, attended with his mother initially and then with his younger brother (3 years) and
younger sister (18 months).

Using the DIR/ Floortime model, he was regulated but non-engaged and lacked reciprocal communication, problem-solving and any signs of imaginative play. He did not have meltdowns. Over time, it become clear that he also did not feel his body well and craved crashing and jumping kinds of play.

We started with DIR/ Floortime intervention including therapist intervention, a school visit/ training and parent coaching. Treatment was based on sequentially building each of the Functional Emotional Developmental levels.

6 months into treatment: Child is seeking out his brother, mother and peers for play. He is reciprocal in play with a partner who gives him high affect cues, including his brother and mother. The focus then moved to building his initiation and ability to follow through on his ideas, with a play partner. Therapy also began to bring in some sensory integration and educational treatment tools in readiness for Prep. Because of the nature of Autism, this child will require ongoing therapy for many years.