7 year old boy with writing issues

Therapist: Vivienne Williams

7 year old boy with writing issues

Writing issues – would only write one sentence before writing became illegible. Always rushing and became hyperactive in groups or unstructured situations. Always had to be first. Described by teacher as having “ants in his pants”. Tended to get very anxious.

7 year old boy. Had a younger sister. Lived with both parents. Mother participated in sessions.

Child had sensory integration issues especially the integration of vestibular (movement), visual and auditory processing issues affecting the coordination of two sides of his body, rhythmicity and timing and control of his movements. He also had low tone and a weak core (trunk muscles).

Games involving trunk strength, rhythm and timing of both gross motor and fine motor muscles. Self-regulation awareness training about his “body speed” and breathing and thinking tools to calm him down. Direct handwriting training including self-monitoring to build strength, endurance and legibility.

Primary therapy completed after 6 months with ongoing monthly monitoring for 2 months. All goals were achieved including: Homework tasks were consistently completed without frustration outbursts, he could write 5 or more legible sentences even in exams. He could maintain rhythmical movement over time while speaking. He was less anxious and could sit still in class. He would now go outside at home to kick a soccer ball, where he had previously showed no interest. At the time of discharge, he still sometimes had a hard time with getting too ‘high’ and remembering to take some deep breaths but was making improvements in this.