8 year old boy stressed by normal clothing

Therapist: Vivienne Williams

8 year old boy stressed by normal clothing

This young man was uncomfortable in normal clothing including school clothes, jeans, belts and undies. Getting dressed each day was a very stressful process. Buying new clothes was a nightmare and he often would not wear them once they were in his cupboard.

Intelligent boy who was able to be reflective and engage in collaborative problem solving.

Tactile defensiveness (skin too sensitive to touch). Boy would become stressed when putting clothing on, which would increase his sensitivity.

We tried the Wilbarger therapressure protocol (intensive massage brushing technique) but this was too intensive for boy and family. Began a graded desensitization program where he practiced relaxing in non-preferred clothing using a range of sensory and breathing techniques. We started fortnightly for 4 sessions and then phased out to monthly sessions.

Was able to wear a range of clothing without stress. Knew how to handle unpleasant touch sensations. Was discharged within 3 months of starting treatment.