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Rebecca Webster talks about the Kids Matters Foundational Course for OT’s.

A Foundational Paediatrics Course from Kids Matters OT – To give you confidence as a clinician.

Suitable for all Allied Health Professionals

Learn from experienced clinicians what really works. This course gives the foundations for three of the major areas in Occupational Therapy Paediatrics.

1) Sensory Processing

2) ASD and Asperger’s syndrome (from DIR/ Floortime perspective)

3) Learning difficulties and Executive Function.

Each seminar has been developed using the extensive knowledge of our senior/ experienced therapists, alongside the current research and literature. Through it, you will gain the foundations of theory as well as the opportunity to apply it to yourself and to case studies so you can:

• Have a basic understanding about some core areas of child development

• Know where to start with assessing and treating children

• Know where to look for further information

You can do one or both days.

Other Allied Health Professionals including Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Speech Pathologists are welcome to attend.

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The course will cover 3 main areas:

Day 1: Sensory Processing

Learn how to identify and interpret the different sensory processing issues in a home, clinic and school setting and how to effectively implement sensory strategies in all environments to enhance occupational performance.

This course combines theory and practice in such a way that you will learn how to identify and interpret sensory processing issues and how to do an effective sensory diet/ lifestyle.This course has been developed according to both current theory and practice, combined with Vivienne Williams’ (OT) and Michelle Cloete’s (OT) extensive knowledge and experience in assessing and treating sensory processing disorders.


Day 2 – morning: ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome and DIR/ Floortime

Learn how to identify and understand the core issues that a child with ASD may have and help your clients with an ASD thrive at home and in the classroom, using the DIR/ Floortime model and related approaches. Learn how to tailor your therapy, interactions and the environment to your students with ASD from a developmental perspective (DIR/ Floortime). We have a special lecture on understanding and managing melt-downs at home and school.

This course has been developed based on the integration of the DIR/Floortime basic certificate course with numerous other ASD assessment and treatment courses, personal study and extensive experience of both Vivienne Williams (OT) and Cameron Griffiths (OT).


Day 2 – afternoon:  Executive Function and Specific Learning Difficulties

Learn the developmental foundations needed for robust executive functioning. Gain a basic understanding of the types and reasons for learning challenges from both an OT and Speech pathology perspective. You get some great tips about where to start with assessing and treating these children so they can learn.

This course has been developed based on the integration of many years of study and clinical experience regarding learning difficulties and executive functioning by Vivienne Williams (OT), Julia Eggles (OT) and Judy Lockhart (SLP).


Day 2 -Evening: Meet the Industry (MTI)

Join with top therapists from many of the different workplaces around Brisbane (hospitals, non-for-profits, private, rural) and hear a quick overview of their scope of work. Learn  the key factors / characteristics needed to succeed in each field. Mingle and ask your questions.


Top reasons to do this course:

  1. You will learn from leading, very experienced therapists in the field who treat kids with these conditions daily.
  2. You will be introduced to 3 core OT frameworks needed for treating kids (and adults who haven’t grown out of it).
  3. You will get the knowledge of where to start from the myriad of approaches and techniques out there.
  4. Speakers are engaging, interactive and there are large theory and practical components to the course.
  5. The venue provides a great lunch, comfortable facilities and ample parking.
  6. The course will count towards your CPD points and is fully tax deductible.
  7. As a foundational course, it is a useful attribute to your CV.
  8. There are choices of doing either the whole course or just 1 day.
  9. Opportunities will be given for paid mentoring through our clinic for those who want to advance their skills further.


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Course Details

When:               Jan 21st, 22nd  2015 –  registration from 8:00 am,  starting 9 am.



• 2 days  + “MTI”:                   $395 (earlybird before 28/11/2014)                 $495 (full price)

• Two days only:                      $345 (earlybird before 28/11/2014)                 $445 (full price)

• Any One Day:                        $175 (earlybird before 28/11/2014)                  $225 (full price)

• Day 2 “Meet the Industry” (MTI):                      $60


Note: Prices have been heavily discounted to be more accessible to graduates.  Full price early bird rates are usually $495 for two days and $295 for one day.


Where:              Brisbane Golf Club, Tennyson Memorial Avenue, Yeerongpilly



Bookings closed by 12/01/2015.

50% refund before 28/11/2014, No refund after  this time.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided.