Despena Demetriou

Occupational Therapist





Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)

Area of Focus

Specific occupational concerns (e.g. handwriting, tying shoelaces, riding a bike, using a knife and fork), ASD, motor coordination difficulties, social skills, ADHD, intellectual impairment


Individual sessions, telehealth, parent consultations, school/ kindy visits, phone consultations, multidisciplinary team meetings

Desi has an innate love for working alongside children of all ages, and teenagers. Having grown up in a big Greek family, Desi has a very family-centred attitude towards life and therapy. She enjoys working closely with young children and their support systems (for example, teachers, siblings, and carers) to help them reach their full potential. Desi strongly believes that all achievements, big and small, have the potential to impact the life of a child (and their support system) enormously.

Prior to graduating from university, Desi worked with young people for several years as a carer, disability support worker, babysitter and support teacher in various voluntary and paid roles. Desi has experience working in schools, child and youth mental health services, the University of Queensland’s Life Skills Clinic, and privately with families in their homes. She has worked alongside teachers, physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors, social workers, and most importantly, families. Desi places a strong focus on collaborating with children and their support systems to enable clients to reach their full potential.

Desi graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours.

Desi has experience working with children who have:

  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Intellectual Impairments
  • Social Skills Challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Fine and Gross Motor Difficulties
  • Difficulties with Self-care Skills
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia (Coordination-Based Challenges)
  • Handwriting Difficulties
  • Sensory Processing Issues
  • Regulation Challenges (Emotional and Behavioural)

Desi believes that building strong therapeutic relationships with her clients, and their support systems, is foundational to positive therapy outcomes. She strives to connect with her young clients by incorporating their interests into sessions and using a developmentally appropriate approach in therapy. Desi has a fun and engaging demeanour and tailors her therapy approach to align with the needs, wants and goals of each child and their family.

Desi is a nickname for the traditional Greek name “Despena”. Desi was born and raised in Brisbane; however, her family were originally from Greece.

Desi participated in many co-curricular activities at school including gymnastics, soccer, rowing, and the school orchestra. Straight out of school Desi studied a Bachelor of Business (Accounting). Halfway through this degree Desi decided to spend one day with her friend, which included sitting in on one of her Occupational Therapy lectures at the University of Queensland. That night, Desi ceased her accounting degree and enrolled into Occupational Therapy at UQ. Desi believes this was the best decision she has ever made and is enjoying her career in Occupational Therapy working with children!

Desi thoroughly enjoys baking and can often be found in the kitchen experimenting with new baking recipes! Desi enjoys spending time with her husband, parents, siblings, nephew, aunties and uncles, cousins, and friends. Desi also loves playing with her family dog, Leah, a beautiful white Maltese!

Desi loves taking on random art projects on the weekends, going to the beach, and going on relaxing walks with her friends.

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