Ingrid Lane

Occupational Therapist





Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)

Area of Focus

Autism, ADHD, Developmental delay, self-care (dressing, toileting, using eating tools), motor coordination difficulties, emotional regulation, social skills


Self-regulation: It’s a state of mind (2022), Towards Functional Handwriting (2021), DIR Floortime 101 (2020), Learning to Conquer the Wees & Poos (2019), Autism QLD Theories & Therapy (2019)


Individual sessions, parent sessions, mobile community visits

Ingrid is a gentle and caring therapist who seeks to understand a child’s individual strengths, interests and challenges to strive towards success in their everyday occupations (things the child wants and needs to do). Ingrid has four years’ experience working in schools as an occupational therapist with children from kindergarten to high school. In this role, she mainly consulted with education teams to adjust tasks and environments to support children to more successfully participate in their specific school-based occupations (writing & using technology, self-care skills, emotional regulation & social skills, executive functioning skills such as attention, organisation and working memory).

Ingrid graduated from Central Queensland University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) in December 2018. She enjoys working with children to experience the world through their eyes and imagination.

Ingrid worked within a school setting, from kindy to high school, for four years supporting children to participate more fully in their environment. She completed a University placement at Headspace (Bundaberg) where she helped youth experiencing mild-moderate mental health challenges. Ingrid also completed a University placement at BUSHkids (Dalby) where she worked with children and families in education settings to support their developmental skill progression. In addition, she has volunteered with Riding for the Disabled Association and an inclusive surf lifesaving nipper program.

  • Self-regulation: It’s a state of mind (2022)
  • Towards Functional Handwriting (2021)
  • DIR Floortime 101 (2020)
  • Learning to Conquer the Wees & Poos (2019)
  • Autism QLD Theories & Therapy (2019)

Ingrid values and chooses to take a child-led & play-based approach. She strives to collaborate with key people in the child’s home, care or education environment to provide holistic support to progress towards positive outcomes, following task-specific practice.

Ingrid grew up in Bundaberg, a town 4 hours north of Brisbane with a mixture of the coast and country. She made the most of both worlds, enjoying horse riding, surfing, and swimming at the beach.

Ingrid has been involved in surf lifesaving for the past few years and enjoys connecting with and giving back to the beach-loving community through this service.

• Exploring new places by the beach or with scenic views
• Browsing local markets for fresh produce and delicious treats
• Baking and cooking
• Going to group fitness sessions

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