Toileting (Incontinence)

There are a myriad of issues which lead to or contribute to toileting issues or incontinence, including:

  • sensory issues
  • behavioural- emotional issues
  • developmental skill delays (motor, social, language and attention)
  • environmental factors
  • routines
  • anxiety

Kids Matters Occupational Therapists look at identifying where the breakdown occurs for your child and what individual strategies and supports are needed to assist your child to become independent and successful with toileting.


What we do:

  • Comprehensive assessment of all factors that commonly contribute to incontinence
  • Build rapport and trust in the relationship with the child and family
  • Educate on the reasons why toileting isn’t working properly
  • Collaborate with the child and family to make a plan to overcome (based on the reasons)
  • Support the child and family to follow the plan
  • Evaluate how things are working and monitor progress.