Chill Out Zone Kit

Chill Out Zone Kit

$36.00 + postage (AUS only)

A Chill Out Zone at home or in the classroom is a quiet corner or hideout space for use when children are showing signs of overwhelm, fatigue or overexcitement. This quiet space provides a reduced stimulation environment that allows children to calm, relax, re-organise and refocus.

The Chill Out Zone needs to be designed keeping in mind your child/student’s individual needs and ideally set up in collaboration with them, so they can feel ownership and motivation of the space and the tools. The Chill Out Zone should not be used as either reward or punishment.

Click here to watch our video for more information and ideas on how to use the pack.

  • Video for ideas and tips
  • Visual Poster to put on the wall in the chill out zone. This is to provide a reminder for the purpose and use of this space for your child. This visual also includes an emotion spectrum (adapted from “The Zones of Regulation”), to use as a communication and self-reflection tool once the child is calm. Space is also provided at the bottom of this visual to attach personalised velcro sensory tools/strategies (also provided in this pack).
  • Variety of velcro “Sensory Tool/Strategy” Visuals cards. (Option available for these to be personalised- available upon request to your therapist for an additional cost)
  • Parent ‘Go To’ Strategy Bank
  • Sensory Tools;
    • Fidget Tools; Stress BallTherabandPipe Cleaner
    • Respiration Tools; BubblesFeather

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