3 year old boy with attention challenges

Therapist: Natasha Chelan

3 year old boy with attention challenges

Lots of difficulty sitting still to listen to instructions, impacting his ability to follow instructions. He also had significant difficulty staying on task, making it very challenging for him to sustain his attention to be able to complete a task without an adult reminding him to stay on task.

3 year old boy, very intelligent and active. From a loving, supportive and stable family.

This boy had executive function challenges, impacting his ability to control his impulses, remembering information (working memory) and organise his thoughts. These challenges were impacting his attention and ability to complete tasks independently.

Weekly OT, focusing on developing his executive function skills, including working memory, impulse control and thought organisation activities. This was combined with the We Thinkers (a social skills program) to support his understanding of why showing we are listening is important and how we can do it.

After 2 years of OT and speech therapy, this boy is highly engaged in his learning and very motivated to enter Prep. Although his prep entry was delayed by 1 year, he is now feeling confident and excited to start school and has all of the skills he needs to set him up for success.