6 year old boy with difficulties maintaining attention & handwriting

Therapist: Michelle Cloete

6 year old boy with difficulties maintaining attention & handwriting

Difficulties with maintaining attention, poor handwriting, poor posture, decreased ability to attend to a task.

6 year old boy, stable middleclass family, one younger brother (4 years).

Difficulties with bilateral integration and sequencing (co-ordinating the two sides of his body), poor motor planning for gross and fine motor skills and poor postural tone and control. The child was also over-responsive to movement input. This was linked to poor processing of vestibular and proprioceptive information (regarding movement and body awareness).

Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) and Sensory Integration techniques and principles were used to address postural issues, bilateral integration, vestibular and proprioception processing issues and his sensitivity to vestibular input. Fine motor concerns were addressed using a variety of craft activities (involving deep pressure input), and handwriting patterns (with and without vibrating pen). A graded home program (NDT based) was implemented to help address postural issues. A pencil grip and air cushion (Move n’ Sit) were introduced into the classroom and a 45cm ball was introduced into the home for seating and exercise purposes.

Though some concerns around postural tone and control remained at discharge, extra-curricular activities were put in place to continue to assist him in this area. His motor planning, bilateral integration and vestibular –proprioceptive processing was much improved. He also no longer displayed a sensitive response to most vestibular input (except for prolonged rotation) and all signs of gravitational insecurity were gone. His handwriting had improved in terms of pace, neatness and engagement. His concentration and engagement also had improved appropriately.