9 year old girl with ADHD & learning problems

Therapist: Julia Eggles

9 year old girl with ADHD & learning problems

Anxiety, depression, poor working memory and attention. Struggling with school. Spelling 12 months behind peers, and below grade level for most subjects. High activity level, struggling to sit still at school. At home she needed company or assistance with sleep, bathing, toileting and had yet to master using cutlery with two hands together.

9 year old girl living with parents, middle child of three.

Moderate sensory processing difficulties, with hypersensitivity to sound, poor body awareness and impaired vestibular (whole body movement) processing. Below average visual processing skills, attention and working memory.

A sensory diet was introduced first, along with strategies to retrain her auditory and vestibular processing skills. At the same time, the Alert Program was used to help her and her family re-frame her behaviours and understand what her behaviour was telling them her body needed. Visual perceptual & motor integration training was used, along with environmental changes, and cognitive strategies to improve comprehension and problem solving. Therapy also explored additional strategies for self-calming to manage persistent anxiety, including respiration tools and Emwave technology. Finally, therapy was completed with Cogmed Working Memory Training.

She is now a passing student at her grade level who no longer requires academic support, verification was looking to be reversed and she was aiming to achieve her first “A”. She was excelling in her preferred sport – gymnastics. This whole process took 1 year to complete. She is now discharged from therapy.