ADHD is characterized by a pattern of behaviours, present in multiple settings (e.g., school and home), that can result in performance issues in social, educational, or work settings.

Core Symptoms are:

• Inattention
• Over-activity
• Impulsiveness

Behaviors include failure to pay close attention to details, difficulty organizing tasks and activities, excessive talking, fidgeting, or an inability to remain seated in appropriate situations.

How does Kids Matters Occupational Therapy help people with Attention Deficit Disorder?

Full assessment of child’s individual differences in sensory processing, reading, writing, spelling, learning, motor skills, play, organization and planning etc.

Therapy then progresses according to the child’s specific challenges and the family’s goals for treatment.

In general, we will address the following:

• Regulation – helping children learn to calm themselves to focus.
• Correcting any physical development issues including core strength, motor planning, coordination, balance and strength issues,
• Correcting any issues with the physical aspects of handwriting.
• Working on rhythm and timing games
• Working on listening skills and following directions
• Working on organization and planning skills.
• Any of the writing skills as we would with a child with Dyslexia and learning difficulties.

Advanced programs such as Interactive Metronome and Cogmed may be very useful here.

We also work with Adults who have ADD/ ADHD.