Middlemount Occupational Therapy

Assessment for your child

Get your child assessed by an experienced paediatric Occupational Therapist.

Session 1 – Telehealth

Information gathering and seeing your home.

Session 2 – In person

Screening your child for strengths and challenges. Some initial strategies provided.

Session 3 – Telehealth

Parent only discussion of findings and providing strategies.

Written Summary – 1 hour report including strategies.

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Challenging Behaviours

Learn about the many facets that can contribute to challenging behaviours. Explore factors including attachment, sensory processing, executive function, anxiety and consider neurodivergent styles including PDA. Get strategies to both prevent outbursts and manage them in the moment.

Sensory Processing

Learn the fundamentals of sensory processing and take away strategies to help your child improve attention, calmness, cooperation and behaviour at home, kindy, and school. Hear about real case studies and get involved in discussions.

Executive Function

Executive function consists of several complex reasoning skills that work together to help our brains organise and act on information.
Attend this seminar to find out the underlying causes for kids who struggle to learn and take away strategies to help.


Join a Q&A session with Principal Occupational Therapist Vivienne Williams. Vivienne has over 20 years of experience working with children with all kinds of developmental delays, sensory processing challenges, ADHD, ASD, and more.


Telehealth appointments

Get ongoing support from one of our experienced occupational therapists with Telehealth appointments and the opportunity for face-to-face visits throughout the year.

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Register interest

Please contact ? to register your interest in an assessment for your child or to attend our workshops.