Chloe Rumsey

Occupational Therapist





Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Area of Focus

ASD, social skills, ADHD, executive functioning, daily living


Individual session, telehealth, mobile community visiting, school/ kindy visits

Chloe is a vibrant, young Occupational Therapist who has a natural way with kids. She previously worked as a disability support worker for four years and has worked closely with children in babysitting, as a disability support worker, and volunteering for youth groups/ camps. Chloe is passionate about ensuring children have a chance to participate and thrive in their activities.

Chloe has mainly worked with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

She also has experience with:

  • Executive function difficulties (not complex)
  • Social skills
  • Daily tasks (e.g. cooking, road safety, brushing teeth and other everyday activities)
  • Social thinking
  • Skills and knowledge in latest research (newly graduated, 2022)

Chloe takes a family centred approach that collaborates with both the child and family. She empowers the child by incorporating their ideas and goals into each therapy session. Chloe also uses a strength-based approach to create fun and engaging sessions.

Chloe has always wanted to work with children since she was a child herself. Growing up she loved looking after and playing with her baby cousins. Chloe is still a kid at heart and has a lot of fun playing games!

  • Travelling to and visiting different national parks
  • Going for bushwalks
  • Cooking and creating new recipes
  • Indoor plants
  • Bubble tea
  • Her cat called Mochi

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