Vivienne Williams (Principal OT)

Principal Occupational Therapist



Greenslopes, Yeerongpilly


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Area of Focus

Building attachment/ Circles of Security, Parent training, Sensory processing, play, autism, learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural regulation




Individual sessions, telehealth, seminars, parent training

Vivienne is the founder and principal of Kids Matters Occupational Therapy. She has two beautiful children of her own – a son and a daughter so understands family life from the inside out. She graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997 and has worked in paediatrics since then.

Besides managing the practice, Vivienne works with children with a range of sensory processing challenges such as those who are over-sensitive to touch and movement, or who require additional stimulation. Her interest in sensory processing issues saw her develop Kids’ Matters full sensory gym, equipped with the best possible resources to achieve optimal outcomes. She is a big advocate of DIR /Floortime, using the approach with children who have Autism, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, developmental delays and other organisational, planning and learning issues, including Dyslexia. She also works with regulation and behavioural issues, and uses her Circles of Security training to assist with building emotional safety in parents and children. She also uses her SOS training to assist with feeding concerns.

Seeing non-engaged children become responsive, give their first hug and attempt classroom or playground activities inspires Vivienne. She relishes collaborating with families to develop individual plans that empower their child, and loves sharing techniques and new therapy approaches and ideas with her team of committed staff.

Vivienne works with a wide variety of children and ages. She has experience and success in working with:

• Sensory Processing Difficulties
• Emotional Regulation issues
• Learning Disabilities/ Dyslexia
• Autism/ Aspergers syndrome/ Pathological Demand Avoidance
• Developmental Delays
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Motor coordination problems – gross and fine motor
• Handwriting concerns
• Delays in play skills
• Attachment difficulties/ Parenting support
• Feeding difficulties

  • Circles of Security parenting course (COSP)
  • Developing Pretend Play Skills in Children – Advanced by Karen Stagnitti
  • Social Thinking Informal Dynamic Assessment and Core Treatment Strategies for Home and School by Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr Pamela J crooke
  • Executive Functioning by Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr Pamela J Crooke
  • Profectum Certificate in DIR/ Floortime and the Foundational Capacities of Development
  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol
  • SOS Approach to Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders, Kay Toomey and Erin Ross Relevant Training
  • Clinical Assessment and Practical Intervention for Praxis: From Ideation to Execution by Dr. Teresa A. May-Benson
  • Astronaut Training: Integrated Visual-Vestibular Screening and Treatment Strategies by Mary Kawar
  • Brain-Based clinical applications to ASD, CAPD, ADHD and dyslexia
  • OT approaches with children and adolescents with ASD
  • The DIR/ Floortime Model introductory Training and mentoring
  • Cognitive Orientation Occupational Performance workshop
  • Sensory Defensiveness – 2 Advanced training
  • Advanced Clinical Reasoning: Integrating Sensory Integration Model with DIR/ Floor-time (with Colleen Hacker)
  • Advanced Clinical Reasoning: Introduction to DIR/Floortime
  • Visual Perception Intensive training
  • M.O.R.E. Integrating the mouth with sensory and postural functions
  • Sensory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive Treatment Approach, Posture, Gross Motor and Fine Motor Co-ordination
  • Getting Kids in Sync – Genevieve Jereb
  • Brain Gym
  • Introduction to Relationship Development Intervention
  • Triple P Positive Parenting Program – Level 4 Group
  • Play Theory and Practice – Anita Bundy
  • Sensory Integration Treatment Course for Advanced Occupational Therapist
  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Course – Theory Component
  • Learn to Play – Karen Stagnitti

Vivienne has a warm and engaging personality that she is skilled at modifying to adapt to the needs of the children she works with. She is very family centred, listening to family concerns, values and priorities and addressing children’s needs in the context of the whole family. This involves time with both the parents and the children and much training and support is given to help parents integrate therapeutic ways into everyday life. All therapy is individually tailored for each child to get realistic outcomes according to priorities and values.

While she has experience with a wide variety of clients, Vivienne now works mostly with a combination of parent coaching (including Circles of Security, Play, learning and mindset development and with children with Sensory Processing Disorders. She does much regulation, engagement and development of play skills in children. She works mostly with people from 2 years through to adulthood. She will see babies with Autism and Sensory processing disorders.

She enjoys the whole family, collaborative approach and loves to involve parents, siblings (if appropriate) and other professionals to ensure you get outcomes for your child. Vivienne is very understanding and relatable as she has the lived experience of special needs through her family.

She has extensive professional training and experience in sensory integration theory and practice, play, Circles of security parenting, DIR/ Floortime certification and Collaborative problem solving training.

Vivienne comes from a big family and has her own children as well as many nieces and nephews. She enjoys the outdoors with hiking and camping, reading and listening to self-development books or fantasy novels. She loves cooking and feeding her family and friends interesting and yummy things. She also loves doing expressive art and being with friends and family. 

Vivienne’s favourite books are the Harry Potter series. She also really enjoys Emily Rodda’s novels such as the Deltora Quest and The Rangers Apprentice

Sometimes, despite our best efforts you or the therapist may find that you are not a good fit. If your therapist feels that he or she is not best suited to you, he/ she will discuss this with you and recommend a more appropriate therapist. We will then offer you a discounted first session with a new more appropriate therapist at Kids Matters.

If you feel that your therapist is not a good fit within the first three sessions, simply discuss this with our admin team who will find a more suitable therapist.