Is your child struggling to keep up with handwriting demands?

Is he or she smart but can’t seem to get ideas down on paper?

Are you concerned about pencil grip, legibility and speed of writing?

Mastering Handwriting

It can be so frustrating when kids struggle with handwriting. The refusal to do work, the giving up easily, writing only the bare minimum that is hardly readable and the homework battles.

As a parent or teacher, you often know that the kids know more than they show. But somehow, they can’t get it down on paper.

You know that handwriting is complex skill with many components, but often don’t know where to start to help kids overcome their writing blocks.


We are here to help!

This 1.5 hour workshop gives a basic understanding of:

  • The complex foundations that can make handwriting hard for kids

  • How to tell what’s going wrong (handwriting issues are only, usually, the tip of the iceberg!)

  • What are the foundational skills needed for handwriting

You also get:

  • Strategies to help children achieve fluent and legible handwriting

  • Tips to help kids who are reluctant hand writers

  • Encouraging stories of how others have overcome challenges through Occupational Therapy

Come and see…

Jenni Machin (Senior OT)

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